10 Tips For Choosing a Meeting Venue

If you’re looking for somewhere different to hold your office meeting or want to meet with clients or other companies for an event, then you’ll want somewhere that has everything you need.

Here’s how to choose the perfect meeting venue.

  1. You’ll need to decide where you want to hold your meeting. Will it is in the same town or city as your company is based, or will you choose somewhere central so that it’s easy for all guests to reach?
  2. You’ll want to book early so that your chosen venue is available when you need it. The popular places will book up soon, so if your meeting has to be on a certain day of the week, or at a certain time of year, you’ll want to book as soon as you can.
  3. It’s important to check that the meeting venue you choose has all the facilities you need. Does it cater for the number of people in your meeting or conference? Are meals and refreshments available? Are they included in the cost, or will guests have to pay themselves?
  4. You might want to choose a location that’s away from your normal working environment. If you work in the city, why not see if being in the countryside can be inspirational, and help you think of new ideas? Would a round of golf before or after your meeting help your staff or guests to unwind, and be open to your ideas, or be more productive?
  5. The room layout will need to be flexible, depending on the purpose of your meeting. If you’re giving a talk to your staff, then you’ll want the seats to be laid out facing the front. If you’re splitting your guests into groups, then you might want separate rooms or areas for them to come up with new ideas.
  6. Has the venue got the technology you need? If you need a projector or internet access, is this available as part of the cost, or will you need to pay for this in addition? Perhaps you’ll need video conferencing facilities or access to additional computers. Can the venue help you with this?
  7. You’ll want to choose somewhere relatively quiet so you’re not interrupted. Perhaps you’ll want to choose a hotel with a good reputation that has the conference or meeting facilities that you need.
  8. You’ll want to make sure that there are additional facilities for after the meeting. Is there a restaurant, or will staff have to go elsewhere to eat? Are there rooms to stay at the venue, or will guests have to book a nearby hotel? What sorts of leisure facilities are available at the venue, or nearby?
  9. Spending time out of the office can be a good way to help improve productivity. By being in a different environment, your audience is more likely to listen to what you have to say. You also encourage team building and staff from different departments to spend more time with each other at a venue other than the office. If you want to impress your clients or show your staff that you value them, you’ll want to choose a suitable venue.
  10. You’ll want to make sure that you get value for money and won’t be paying for facilities or extras that you don’t need, but you shouldn’t choose a venue solely on cost. You won’t want your staff or guests to moan about the venue or the fact that they had to pay for everything.

Now you know more about how to choose the right location, perhaps now is the time to choose your next conference or meeting venue.